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Speed Globe Aviation Academy was founded in 2014. Speed globe has been a trademark in the field of aviation training. The academy has developed into a center for learning and public service while maintaining excellent international standards. This well-known company serves as a one-stop shop for customers in Thrissur and other parts of the country. Speed ​​Globe Academy is the only professional airline training school in India where the airline commercial activities are being taught to the core, handled and managed by Airline professionals and UFTAA experts. The institute is located at an important place in Punkunnam at Thrissur. The journey to this institution is easy as the various modes of transportation are handy.

We offer a diverse curriculum of many aviation courses covering ground-handling activities ranging from passenger and cargo reservations to load control and aircraft weight and balance. Our specially designed courses help students from aviation and non-aviation backgrounds to grow into certified airline professionals. We are proud and honored to offer the BBA Program with Certificate to students who wish to expand their careers in the aviation industry. Our tailor-made BBA program enables students to enter the industry as soon as they complete the course. By the end of your program, you will be ready to take on various roles, such as an airline traffic officer or airport manager. You will be guided by our distinguished faculty members with experience in their respective fields. Speed ​​Globe values the role of technology in its training programs, thereby providing online classes to students during this covid pandemic.

We welcome you to join the Speed ​​Globe Family to excel in the competitive world of the aviation industry.

What we aim for Our mission

We are committed to assisting candidates to develop the technical know-how and professional skills needed to achieve their dream life in the travel, tourism and aviation industry.

How we visualize Our view

Lead the community on the rapid growth of the travel, tourism and aviation industries, and contribute to improving the overall productivity of the travel, tourism and aviation industries by developing qualified professionals.

See The Growth Of Speed Globe

Speed Globe has been a trademark in the field of aviation training. The academy has developed into a centre for learning and public service while maintaining excellent international standards.


Our specialized training packages combine many key aviation courses. Combination of theory and practice has been a core concept of our teaching methodology.


BVOC in Airline & Airport Management with Logistics

Comprehensive Industry Focus:

BVOC in Airline & Airport Management with Logistics offers a specialized curriculum tailored to the aviation industry. It covers a wide array of topics, including airport operations, airline management, logistics, supply chain, and transportation, preparing students for diverse roles within the aviation sector.

Practical Training and Internships:

These programs often emphasize hands-on experience through internships, practical training, and exposure to real-world scenarios. Students gain practical skills by engaging with industry professionals, undertaking field visits to airports, and participating in simulated exercises, equipping them with practical knowledge crucial for the aviation industry.


Graduates of this program have opportunities in various sectors of the aviation and logistics industries. They can explore roles in airport management, airline operations, cargo handling, logistics management, supply chain optimization, and transportation management. The program's comprehensive approach prepares individuals for versatile roles in a dynamic and evolving industry.


Airport Management

  • International Courses for Airport Management.
  • Live Training at India's leading Airports.

Airline Customer Service

  • International Courses for Airline Customer Services.
  • Live Training at India's leading Airports.

Aircargo Management

  • International Courses for Aircargo Management
  • Live Training at India's leading Airports.

Airfare and Ticketing

  • International Courses for Airfare and Ticketing
  • Live Training at India's leading Airports.


Logistics & Supplychain Management

  • The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Jainx course offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of supply chain management.
  • It includes logistics operations, inventory management, procurement, distribution strategies, and sustainable supply chain practices.
  • This holistic approach equips students with a deep understanding of the end-to-end supply chain process.
  • The course emphasizes practical learning through industry collaborations, case studies, and simulations. Students engage in real-world projects, internships, or fieldwork, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.
  • This exposure fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and hands-on experience essential for success in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Hospitality Management

  • The Hospitality Management Jainx course offers a comprehensive education in hospitality, encompassing various facets like hotel operations, guest relations, event management, and culinary arts.
  • It focuses on a holistic approach to groom students for diverse roles within the hospitality industry, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • This course emphasizes practical training and industry exposure, offering internships, hands-on experiences, and workshops conducted by industry experts.
  • Students get real-world insights, learn to manage hospitality operations efficiently, and develop customer service skills crucial for thriving in the hospitality sector.
  • The curriculum aligns with industry demands, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the dynamic hospitality landscape.


Check out some of our student Reviews
  • The best aviation academy in Thrissur with faculties who are very much experienced in the aviation industry. They provide a variety of courses along with other aviation courses and excellent placements through campus interviews in airports and other travel related companies.

    Charles Vincent
  • The best institution for starting your aviation carrier. Experienced staff and good teaching method attract me more. They helps to improve my personal skills.

    Lakshmi P J
  • An excellent institute which provides Graduation in Aviation Courses and variety of Aviation Certification courses at an affordable rate.

    Nikhil Nair
  • The best solution for making best carrier.100% trustworthy....So glad to be a part of Speed Globe.

    Shiyazz Hakkim
  • Speed Globe aviation academy is one of the best aviation institution in Thrissur. With well experienced faculties in aviation industry. Best institution for an aviation carrier.

    Athira Haridas
  • Best institution for aviation course in Thrissur. I will recommend speed wings aviation academy Thrissur to all who want to study aviation and logistics course.


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